Values and Aspirations


Within our working environment, we encourage openness and honesty amongst our team.  Honesty, integrity and trust are fundamental in every practice and decision made within the business, our reputation depends on it.

Client Orientation

An open channel of communication and good rapport with our clients is crucial for us in ensuring we are providing the highest levels of quality customer service.  Understanding and acknowledging the needs and expectations of every client is paramount for us to create, maintain and build on the professional relationships we have with all our clients.


Innovation in our company is what sets us apart from the competition.  Whether it is providing clients with our products and services or challenging our own business methodology to become more efficient, we endeavour to be revolutionary in our field.  We actively encourage employees to strive for continuous improvement and have the ambition to excel in everything they do.  This in turn, reflects our vision as a business.


We understand that there is no compromise on quality.  Whether it is the products or services offered to our customers or helping shape the environment in which we work.  Continuous investments in technology, staff training, development and Health and Safety means that we are able to uphold the highest standards possible at every stage of our business.

Personal Responsibility and Empowerment

Here at Hydro Cleansing Limited, everyone has the responsibility for their own work.  We believe that delegating responsibility and having employees take ownership of their own work is important in retaining a motivated and happy workforce.  This level of trust means that each employee is responsible for the running and success of the business and are able to gain a real sense of ownership, accountability and pride in their positions.


Setting challenging, yet achievable, goals is another way of showing how we work well as a successful business.
By having these targets in place, we are able to work communally, together as a team to contribute towards achieving them.  Everyone has a key role to play in Hydro Cleansing’s success and with this in mind, we can achieve and sustain high levels of performance.

Great Place to Work

As our business expands and grows, so too does our committed workforce.  We seek out enthusiastic, hardworking, driven and high calibre individuals who have the vision and innovation necessary to work within our dynamic team.
A motivated and energised workforce is paramount to us in helping the company succeed and in return, are acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work.