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cctv sewer survey

cctv sewer survey

Our trained operatives use advanced technology to complete CCTV sewer surveys. The combination of our Mega-Cam technology and trained technicians provides a significant advantage over the competition, performing repair and rehabilitation efficiently.

Our Advanced Technology

Our Mega-Cam provides the highest quality CCTV surveys and can detect settled deposits, joints displacement, deformed sewers, fractures, broken pipes, cracks and pin-point their precise location in drains and sewers. When lowered into place from a standard man-hole, the Mega-Cam can operate up to 500m from the vehicle. We can access surface water drains as well as underground culverts using cure in place pipe (CIPP). This then provides us with a map of existing sewers and connections in any given area.

Push Rod CCTV Cameras

For pipes smaller than 150mm (6 inches) we use an advanced push rod camera system, which consists of a camera attached onto a rod, which can be manually navigated to identify problems. This provides the same level of reporting, but is able to access smaller pipes including those in foul sewers.

Crawler Camera Drainage Survey Unit

The crawler unit drain camera is another remote controlled CCTV camera system we use. It has 4-wheel drive, colour CCTV inspection and is suitable for surface water drain pipes between 50mm and 300m in diameter.

We Manually Survey All Areas

For our commercial clients, HCL offers a superior range of CCTV Drain Inspection services, including those in difficult areas.

Hydro Float

Hard-to-reach sewer systems, like those built in the Victorian era, are difficult to access. We deploy our confined space teams to undertake a manual survey in order to establish what is happening underground. It is extremely dangerous and entirely illegal to enter the sewer network without permission, licensed, training and qualifications as well as a confined space rescue team back up.