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pre adoption survey

pre adoption survey

HCL provides detailed pre-adoption CCTV drain surveys for commercial, industrial and residential clients’ drainage systems. A pre-adoption CCTV survey provides confirmation and security that the pipelines are in good condition, that no unknown environmental risks are being accepted and there are no hidden problems within the drainage systems.

This is a vital service, which is required by water authorities, builders, architects, developers and local authorities when buying assets, which involve drainage systems.

HCL’s pre-adoption surveys are available 24/7, and are scheduled at a time that suit our customers’ needs.

Why HCL’s Pre-Adoption Survey?

HCL engineers are fully trained and qualified specialists in operating our remotely controlled cameras for pre-adoption drain surveys. Our engineers assess the state and integrity of the drain or sewer without causing any disruptions to the client, or the environment. Our engineers provide a report on any findings along with any recommendations that would resolve any issues found.

Homebuyers/Pre-Adoption Survey

Pre-adoption surveys are also required by mortgage lenders prior to agreeing to a mortgage. This is to assure mortgage lenders that the property, for which they are giving a loan, have no hidden faults that could seriously devalue the property, and also assures the buyer of the property, that the drains are in good working order. This survey is also known as a Homebuyers’ Survey.

Survey Equipment

HCL uses the latest CCTV survey technology when carrying out pre-adoption surveys. Our cameras record HD quality videos of any issues detected within drains, using shadow-less LED lighting with 10x optical zoom and dual lasers to measure defects. Our cameras are suitable for drains measuring less than 150mm (6”) all the way up to 1000mm (40”) in diameter.