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site surveys

site surveys

HCL provides site survey services for our commercial, industrial and residential clients, who may need to gather information for the design of a new building project, or may require an estimate to complete work on an outdoor activity. Site surveys provide precise location, access and best orientation for the site, it also highlights the precise location of any obstacles that may be within the site’s boundaries.

Why Choose HCL’s Site Surveys?

Our skilled specialist engineers are trained and qualified to operate the equipment required to undertake site surveys. Site surveys may include existing buildings, structural surveys and investigations, flood risk, air quality and historic use amongst other things. A site survey may also include a feasibility report, and estimation of cost, and time to carry out the works.

Reasons for Site Surveys

Accurate information is required from the start of a building or engineering project, and it is essential that ground conditions, and previous use of land are established at the outset. This helps to minimise risks, by providing data on which to base the concept and reduce risks in the planning stage of the project.

What our Site Surveys Show?

HCL’s site surveys shows the precise location of obstacles and boundaries to the site. This may include other buildings within the boundaries, trees that are protected, any rivers or streams, and the gradient of the land. Highlighting these at the start of the project, can save a lot of issues and hazards to the project.