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culvert cleaning

culvert cleaning

HCL’s highly specialised team clean, unblock, and service culverts, using high-powered water jetting, vacuuming and relining technologies.

Our experienced engineers focus on culvert cleaning and rehabilitation as well as the repair of decaying or damaged culverts. Our high powered vacuum tankers tackle the hardest issues within commercial maintenance and health and safety, using CCTV surveys in those hard-to-reach areas, which includes man-entry walk-throughs, and vertical pipes and sewers. We also dispose of the waste responsibly, and provide you with a certified duty of care certificate.

What is a Culvert

A culvert is a tunnel used for channelling and directing water. They are used to allow water to pass underneath trails, roads, railways, embankments and can vary significantly in size.

Culverts protect and preserve road-beds, banks, pathways and embankments by collecting and channelling excess water. Strategically placed culverts, help alleviate flooding, reduce erosion and help distribute runoff water to larger filtering areas. The important role that culverts play means that they require regular maintenance to ensure blockages don’t occur.

HCL’s Culvert Inspection

HCL’s professional engineers are experienced in all stages of servicing culverts and determining the appropriate gradients required. We inspect culverts for signs of erosion, joint separation, as well as analyse the effectiveness of the inlet and outlet.

Our Culvert Cleaning Services

Hydro Cleansing offers a range of different culvert cleaning options, including full inspections for signs of erosion, joint separation, pipe blockages and sediment build-up. We use a professional range of CCTV surveying equipment to identify culvert problems within difficult locations.

Our dedicated team of experts and equipment tackle:

  • Inspections of culverts and tunnels for sewer desilting
  • Inspection using CCTV survey or man-entry walk-throughs or a combination of both methods, depending on the location.
  • Off-road inspection and cleaning units using a pole-cam to accurately assess and survey an area.

Site Visits

Our vast experience and expertise means we can complete the job in the shortest time frame possible, therefore keeping costs and disruption to a minimum. We are happy to carry out a free, no obligation site visit to discuss your requirements.