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Our highly skilled technicians understand the importance of keeping gullies clear and working correctly. If left unmaintained, a gully will eventually become blocked and potentially cause dangerous flooding. HCL has a specialised fleet of tankers built with suction technology to vacuum accumulated liquid waste – keeping roads and car parks clear of liquid waste and preventing flooding.

Our Services

A gully can be blocked by a variety of things such as leaves, litter and other deposits, which can then result in water damages to the foundation of your property. In order to prevent blocked pipework and flooding, our experienced technicians provide qualified gully services to ensure the free flow of water to the main sewer, as well as 24hr emergency service. We offer:

  • Gully cleaning and emptying.
  • Gully maintenance.
  • Specialist Jetting and Vacuum tanker fleet

Our gully unblocking services are made bespoke, for our domestic and commercial customers.


Why Choose Us?

Hydro Cleansing Limited is one of the UK's leading gully emptying service providers. We have worked in partnership with local authorities, construction companies and private clients throughout London and the South East. We are extremely experienced at gully cleaning and use high pressure water jets to ensure each gully is fully functioning and there is no further wastewater coming from your kitchen, bathroom and/or utility room during your gully cleaning service.

How Can HCL Help?

Gullies come in many shapes and sizes from residential to industrial, but ultimately we follow four basic stages to effectively deal with them:

  • An inspection to discover the exact issues.
  • Sufficient water pressure and jetting to remove blockages and pipe issues.
  • Powerful tankers to capture and transport waste.
  • Correct EWC codes (ISO9002 & 14001 compliant) and access to legal waste disposal sites for recycling.

Job Done

HCL is a 24/7, 365 day a year company. Call us on 0800 740 8888, today!