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Hydro Cleansing has over 20 years’ experience in interceptor cleaning. We maintain all types of interceptors to the highest possible standards.

Interceptor fines can be incredibly costly and outflows can cause major problems for the local environment, should your interceptor overflow with oil. This could cause serious environmental issues including damage to natural habitats, loss of natural wildlife population and pollution.

Contact us today to discover the type of service, and frequency of service required for your interceptor cleaning needs.

What is an Interceptor?

An interceptor is a tank installed within pipework to collect and hold contaminants, allowing the remaining wastewater to be discharged into the main sewage system. An interceptor is an essential installation, as it prevents common oils – such as those that could seep from machinery or vehicles – from getting into and polluting the main drainage system. The interceptor area holds pollutants until they can be removed manually later.

Types of Interceptor Cleaning We Offer

Hydro Cleansing offers a professional interceptor cleaning service using advanced equipment. We ensure your interceptors are clean, functional and compliant with current PPG3 environmental regulatory standards.

Our interceptor cleaning service covers full retention interceptors, bypass interceptors and drain interceptors.

HCL has the technology and equipment that empties, jets and cleans all types of interceptors, so whatever type of interceptor you have, we can clean and maintain it for you.

  • Interceptor emptying, cleaning and jetting
  • Drainage channel cleaning
  • Car and jet wash pit cleaning
  • Car and jet wash interceptor emptying and cleaning
  • Pump out and clean
  • Gully emptying and cleaning

Fat and Grease Traps

Our specialist interceptor cleaning and emptying services can be employed for all types of commercial grease and fat traps. Hydro Cleansing works efficiently to clean and decontaminate potentially toxic substances left within the grease trap system. If ignored, leftover fat can harden and cause blockages that eventually overflow the system.

Oil and Petrol Interceptor

We offer exceptional installation and maintenance services for fuel and oil interceptors. Our trained engineers clean and install interceptors to stop oil leaks from vehicles, industrial plants and accidental spillages.