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fat and grease traps

fat and grease traps

The UK spends some £200m a year cleaning out over half a million tons of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from sewers. Fats and grease traps are primarily located in commercial kitchens, restaurants, hospitals, schools and food halls.

We provide specialist cleaning and emptying services for all types of commercial fats and grease traps. We work with small domestic grease traps to intercept any fats, oils and grease as well as large industrial kitchens to thoroughly clean and decontaminate any potentially toxic substances that can amass if they are not cleaned and regularly maintained.

Grease Removal Systems We Offer

Restaurant Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease control is essential when it comes to stopping food waste, fats, grease and oils from entering your restaurant’s drainage system. We provide grease trap waste disposal and scheduled maintenance services to ensure that all relevant legislations are recognised within your restaurant drainage system.

School Kitchen Maintenance

Fats and grease are commonly found in school kitchen sites. Our experienced engineers have years of experience in maintaining grease traps within schools to employ current safety regulations for the care and wellbeing of the children and staff. We ensure all fats and grease are disposed of appropriately and filtered from wastewater.

Hotel Services

We provide hotels with our effective grease trap services. Without regular maintenance, our hotel clients can expect very high interceptor repair bills. Whether it’s a small domestic grease trap or a large industrial kitchen, our experienced technicians intercept any fats, oils and grease to ensure up to date measures are in place for a first-class service.

Preventing and Removing Fatbergs

Fats and grease can sometimes create fatbergs. Fatbergs are vast quantities of fatty food waste, grease and wet wipes which can potentially grow to the size of a Boeing 747. These can ordinarily be extremely challenging to remove but with the help of our powerful machinery, we can intercept fats, oil and grease easily.


Our powerful super combination tankers jet at 4,000psi, allowing us to break down build-up quickly and effectively under time constraints. Alternatively, our Megatron's on board recycling system allows us to filter out water, which can then be re-used for jetting.