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interceptor cleaning

interceptor cleaning

Our qualified technicians employ a full interceptor cleaning inspection, including advanced leak detection. This provides our team with a detailed understanding of the fault and allows us to implement a suitable solution to reduce long term maintenance cost and overflow risks.

What are Interceptors

The primary function of an interceptor is to separate oil from water. Interceptors work by trapping rainwater runoff from surfaces where oil is present. Once the runoff is trapped, they ensure that the oil does not contaminate, allowing the oil-free water to pass through into a storm drain or other outlet.

How HCL Can Help

High pressure water jetting

HCL’s high-pressure water jetting equipment is used to clean a variety of different types of interceptors. The specialist equipment allows our experienced operators to provide bespoke oil interceptor cleaning and maintenance solutions, for everything from large scale car park interceptors, petrol station forecourt interceptors, as well as private pump stations and refineries.

Vacuum tankers

Our specialist tankers have the ability of loading 4,000 gallons of liquid wastes such as silt, oil and debris, in less than 4. Our team of experienced engineers have the appropriate knowledge to operate all of our vacuum tankers, ensuring that we provide the most efficient interceptor cleaning services possible.


You can depend on our experienced team to safely dispose of grease, fuel and oils that accumulate within your interceptors. We provide interceptor maintenance services in compliance with PP3 guidelines, preventing hefty clean-up costs and harmful environmental damage.