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oil and petrol interceptor

oil and petrol interceptor

Why not hand over the hard work to the experts? By law you must keep your petrol/oil interceptor regularly maintained and in good working order. Let our skilled engineers handle the cleaning and repairs of your oil and fuel interceptors to reduce pollutants, such as oil and petrol. Hydro Cleansing service your petrol/oil interceptor at car parks, petrol stations and roadworks. Call us today to see how we can help.

What is an Interceptor

An interceptor, also known as a separator, is built into commercial and industrial drainage systems to prevent pollution and spillage from oils, high silt and other pollutants that can cause serious environmental damage.

The accumulation of this waste can cause blockages and if the interceptor overflows, all this waste would be dispersed back across the protected area. The build-up of oil, debris and other miscellaneous contaminants within an interceptor, alongside the prominent risk of contamination in the sewage system dramatically increases the risk of forecourt or driveway flooding.

How We Can Help

Hydro Cleansing carefully disposes of all interceptor waste so you don't have to. We always abide by the highest safety and environmental standards and where possible, recycle with our own treatment plant.

Surface water may be contaminated by oil at a number of different sites. We provide our petrol/oil interceptor services at the following sites:

  • Car parks typically larger than 800m2 in area or for 50 or more car parking spaces
  • Smaller car parks discharging to a sensitive environment
  • Areas where goods vehicles are parked or manoeuvred
  • Vehicle maintenance areas
  • Roads
  • Petrol forecourts
  • ndustrial sites where oil is stored or used
  • Refuelling facilities
  • Any other site with a risk of oil contamination.

Types of Interceptors

We perform a wide variety of interceptor related services to the highest standards to locations including car parks, petrol stations and roadworks. We provide a cost effective and friendly service that emphasises on-site inspections to allow us greater insight into your situation and requirements.

Car Park Interceptors

Our fleet of jet vacuum tankers and qualified engineers provide an effective process that is legally compliant and responsive to your car park interceptor issues. We use advanced jetting equipment to prevent car parks from overflowing and causing erosion, contaminated run-off and localised flooding.

Petrol Forecourt Cleaning

Our trained operatives are highly experienced in using high-pressure water jetting equipment and specialist vehicles that help separate oil from water. Our primary function is to provide immaculate results for a clean and well maintained petrol/oil forecourt and full retention separators.