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Hydro Cleansing provides effective soakaways at any type and stage of a soakaway drainage system. Our experienced team will carry out onsite pre-location tests to decide on the type of soakaway needed, the correct location needed as well as space requirements and subsoil type, so you have a soakaway drainage system that meets your requirements.

Once installed we will inspect and maintain the soakaway on a regular contract basis or as and when needed. We also provide existing soakaway testing services to ensure optimal functionality.

What is a Soakaway?

A soakaway is a term used to describe anything which takes the wastewater from a septic tank or sewage treatment plant. These two tanks require an outlet for separated wastewater to pass into, so that the wastewater can pass successfully into the ground such as a deep bore soakaway or drainage field.

Services We Offer

Whether it’s a septic tank system, or an existing soakaway that’s overwhelmed with excess water after heavy rainfall, we have a solution.

Soakaway Inspections

We carry out our soakaway inspections with detailed CCTV rods. Our specialised drainage engineers assess the soakaway, and provide a thorough inspection with the results detailing professional recommendations for the next steps.

Percolation Tests

Our percolation testing services allow our clients to establish the size, type and location of the soakaway.These tests allow us to analyse the required drainage field at each location around your property.

We work closely with the Environment Agency to provide fully documented results for your percolation test and drainage field calculation. If the soil is suitable, a percolation test will calculate how large your soakaway system will need to be in order to effectively discharge and percolate the water.

Unblocking a Soakaway

Regularly servicing and maintenance is crucial in preventing problems like blockages as well as surface and stormwater in your drainage system.

Our trained technicians attend your property, provide you with a full report and rectify any blockages in your drainage system, using our high pressure water jets.