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soakaway testing

soakaway testing

Hydro Cleansing are highly trained experts within the water and drainage industry. Our bulk fleet helps our experts carry out soakaway tests with detailed reports with a quick turnaround. Contact us today to talk about how we can help with your soakaway test and any soak-away requirements.

Why is Soakaway Testing Important?

A soil soakaway test is an important initial inspection before installing new drainage, especially sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) that use a soakaway system. The results of a soakaway test reveal the absorption rate of the surrounding soil.

At Hydro Cleansing we consider a minimum value of 15 to ensure that the soil's soakaway rate is slow enough to allow the effluent to be sufficiently treated before reaching the ground water.

Percolation Testing for your Soakaway System

Soakaway testing is crucial as soakaways can be subjected to a number of factors that could inhibit its workability, for example roots growing into the soakaway system will ultimately affect the absorption rate of the soil. It is therefore extremely important for soakaway systems to be regularly serviced and maintained.

Poorly installed Soakaway Systems

A poorly installed soakaway will fail the entire drainage system, potentially causing drain blockages. This can also result in pollution in the surrounding subsoil if not carefully maintained. At Hydro Cleansing, we ensure your soil soakaway remains healthy with regular soakaway testing and maintenance.