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The environmental services division at Hydro Cleansing is responsible for offering comprehensive solutions for all our clients in helping promote a cleaner, safer environment.

Hydro Cleansing upholds this value throughout large scale projects within the private and public sector, for many years, and we continue to pride ourselves on all aspects of our environmental clean-up and flood response services.

We offer a free, no obligation site visit and a response within just two hours. Our specialised team regularly provides pump station cleaning, leak detection and oil interceptor cleaning as well as pre-planned maintenance (PPM).

What is Environmental Cleaning?

An interceptor collects surface water, silt, grit and soil, as well as traces of oil, diesel and other hydrocarbons that may leak from the surface. If not maintained regularly, the interceptor could eventually overflow, causing an environmental hazard. Environmental cleaning helps to remove and prevent build-up of silt and mineral deposits that can result in flooding, as well as minimise pollution overall.

Cleaning Graffiti

Our safe site facilities use state-of-the-art equipment to remove graffiti from any surface in a fast and efficient manner that is always upheld to ethical procedures. Our expert team has an impressive portfolio of commercial cleaning experience, including working with local authorities, schools, and housing associations as well as facilities management companies.

Road Sign Cleaning Services

Hydro Cleansing partners with traffic and local authorities to ensure that all signs in our care are regularly cleaned and any accidental damage is reported. We deploy our team of trained operatives across the South East of England and London to remove dirt and algae, bird droppings and graffiti to restore road signs back to their original state without negatively impacting road safety.

Tunnel Cleaning Services

Hydro Cleansing offers a multi-discipline, bespoke tunnel cleaning and maintenance service for any type of tunnel based work. With high quality colour CCTV cameras and highly qualified and trained confined space engineers, we can access any type or sized tunnel, providing a fully comprehensive and efficient service.

Our services cover the cleaning and maintenance for sewage networks, pump stations, interceptors and tunnels etc., and the processing of waste that we remove from these facilities. Our confined space entry teams use specialised safety equipment for tunnel cleaning, as well as, to remove liquids from mainline sewers.

Facade Cleaning Services

Hydro Cleansing are experts in external facade cleaning, a rapid and high pressure way of cleaning that can clean, restore and maintain your building facade. Our large fleet provides commercial facade cleaning services for masonry, brickwork and steel as well as cladding cleaning services.