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road sign cleansing service

road sign cleansing service

Hydro Cleansing partners with traffic and local authorities to ensure that all signs in our care are regularly cleaned and any accidental damage is reported. We deploy our team of trained operatives across the South East of England and London to remove dirt and algae, bird droppings and graffiti to restore road signs back to their original state without negatively impacting road safety.

Types of Road Sign Cleaning we Offer

Reflective signs

Reflective signs are essential for road safety in both urban and rural areas. We attend, clean and record all our cleaning services to ensure that the contracted streets signs are in perfect condition or in the process of being replaced.

Speed limit signs

Enforcement signs are placed in highly visible locations so they are visible where they are most needed. We employ our team to ensure these signs are free from traffic fumes, dust and graffiti to ensure maximum visibility at all times.

Replacing Broken Signs

HCL provides temporary replacement signs in the event that signs become damaged or detached. We recycle every old sign and record the need for replacement and reason for failure to the correct authority.

Why Choose Us?

Graffiti, bird droppings, dust, and algae growing on signs can all have a dramatic effect on the visibility of road signs and therefore road safety.

HCL uses a fleet of jetting units along with our state of the art Mega-Heat equipment to effectively clean all different kinds of road signs.

Our jetting units are equipped with a 100 metre long jetting hose to effectively remove dirt and algae from tall signs, while our Mega-Heat technology provides heat of up to 105 degrees for stubborn marks like polluting traffic fumes. Call us today to find out how we can assist you.