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fatberg removal

fatberg removal

At Hydro Cleansing we have a team of skilled technicians to remove fatbergs from drains and sewers. Our specialist team is passionate about removing fatbergs from the sewer system, working with industry regulators to inform and educate on the correct waste disposal process and advising on the legal obligations for firms who handle FOGS (fat, oil & grease).

We provide our liquid waste services across London and the South. Call now for a free quote on 0800 740 8888

What is a Fatberg?

Fatbergs are the collections of fatty food waste, grease and wet wipes among other substances which can potentially grow to a large, unmanageable size.

They are caused by oil, grease and fat being poured down sinks, where they congeal and stick to sewer walls. Once this build-up has occurred, other waste that enters the sewer can often stick to the fat, causing a 'snowball effect', gradually increasing the size of the fatberg.

How can We Help?

HCL’s qualified team has 20 years of experience for clearing fatbergs. Our skilled technicians conduct a full CCTV drain survey to examine the extent of the fatberg blockage and then employ our high-powered tankers, Megatron and Terminator with their high-pressure water system to break the fatberg down into smaller lumps for easy removal. Our advanced technology and vehicles allow our team to remove stubborn fatbergs and prevent man entry into the sewer system.

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If you would like further information about our Fatberg services please contact our experienced team who will be able to offer you solutions to any fatberg issues you may have.