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ground water removal

ground water removal

Hydro Cleansing's powerful Mega Fleet is second to none in the extraction and disposal of groundwater. Our pump and treat in situ treatment provides rapid water extraction to sites with surface water flooding and those that simply require rainwater removal. We’re proud to offer our groundwater remediation services - call us today to see how we can help.

What is Ground Water

Groundwater is what happens when some parts of the precipitation that land on the ground surface infiltrates into the subsurface. The part that continues downward through the soil until it reaches rock material is known as groundwater recharge. The water that saturates the groundwater system moves slowly and may eventually discharge into streams, lakes, and oceans which is where it can become problematic.


With over 20+ years of experience, HCL is proud to offer our first class groundwater remediation services. We provide a fully factored and complete solution for surface water flooding, rainwater removal, rapid water extraction or just the water removal to mitigate further damage.

Ground Water Services

Our high-powered water tanks collect and dispose of groundwater on construction sites that require our specialised extraction and disposal pump services. Our tankers can empty water on site faster than any competitors, making us a reliable option during scheduled pumping and emergency situations.

Ground Water Emergencies

HCL aims to prioritise existing sites during times of excessive rainfall or heavy flooding. Our specialist vehicles, like Megatron and Terminator are equipped with extraction and disposal pumps to handle large sites that experience excess water including surface water flooding.