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portable toilets

portable toilets

HCL provides many different toilet services. We provide service to all toilets, both portable and those found in welfare cabins and toilet blocks. Our professional team offer all sorts of portable toilets maintenance services for parties, events, building sites and extensions.

How can we help?

Our emptying service is one of our most commonly used services when it comes to portable toilets maintenance but we also specialise in cleaning, emptying and servicing for your portable loos.

Our trained team is on call for 24/7 emergency services including for chemical welfare units, and issues like light cleaning at building sites and large scale events.

Powerful Portable Toilets Technology

With the use of Megatron and Terminator, we can provide a service on an industrial scale, dramatically maximising our efficiency and productivity. With a large tank capacity of 22,500 litres, we can remove vast amounts of portable toilets' waste at extensive depths and distances.

Megatron and Terminator combine revolutionary technology with the power to effectively control and dominate any large scale project or emergency disaster which is what makes them so effective for managing portable toilets as these are commonly seen at parties, events, building sites and extensions.

Vaccum Tankers

Our tanker fleet of vacuum pump trucks operate at over 6,000 cubic feet per minute and have an onboard recycling system allowing waste to be effectively de-watered in situ which helps reduce overall disposal costs.