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interceptor ppg inspection

interceptor ppg inspection

Hydro Cleansing follows Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPGs) that are based on relevant legislation and reflect current good practice. Our service engineers are fully aware of the appropriate site requirements to comply with, and are inspected regularly with six monthly interceptor auditing.

HCL’s fully trained engineers follow all the relevant guidelines to provide interceptor maintenance and help you manage your environmental responsibilities. Our deep cleaning services help prevent pollution as well as blockages or hazardous residue.

Why is PPG Inspection Important?

Pollution prevention guidelines are put in place to protect the environment by conserving and protecting natural resources. This in turn strengthens economic growth by providing more efficient production in the environmental industry, resulting in less need for households, businesses and communities to handle waste.

How we can Help with PPG Inspection

Hydro Cleansing carries out a full PPG inspection for interceptor and drainage inspections with a fully trained engineer that assesses for blockages of hazardous residue. This provides our team with a detailed understanding of the fault within your interceptor and allows us to create a suitable solution. By having your interceptor inspected regularly, you can reduce long-term maintenance costs and overflow risks.

High Pressure Water Jetting

HCL provides robust high-pressure water jetting equipment to clean all types of interceptors. This specialist equipment provides our technicians with the ability to supply bespoke interceptor maintenance solutions, from large car park interceptors to challenging factory and gas work interceptors.

Vacuum Tankers

Hydro Cleansing is proud to supply the strongest vacuum tankers in Europe for interceptor and drainage inspections. Our tankers are specially built to contain up to 6,000 gallons of liquid waste like silt, oil and debris. Our fully trained engineers have the appropriate knowledge to operate all of our vacuum tankers, ensuring we provide an efficient and cost effective interceptor maintenance and deep cleaning.


The Environment Agency states that Pollution Prevention Guidelines (PPG) must be followed if you have an oil interceptor at your home, business or farm. At Hydro Cleansing, our specialised team safely dispose of oils, grease and fuel that accumulates within your interceptors, garage forecourt and pipework. We provide efficient interceptor maintenance services to ensure that your interceptor is compliant with all PPG guidelines. With regular inspection, HCL can help you prevent avoidable clean-up costs and hefty fines from the Environment Agency.