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car park sweepers

car park sweepers

When it comes to car parks, first impressions count. While members of the public and customers may not consciously notice a clean car park, they will definitely notice a poorly maintained, dirty one. By using state of the art technology, combined with years of experience in car park cleaning, HCL can breathe new life into your tired looking car park.

HCL’s advanced road sweepers are operated with highly trained professional drivers, specially trained to remove dust, debris and rubbish from car parks and forecourts. We provide powerful, safe and environmental cleaning services to demolition sites, housing developments, roads, landfill sites and car parks in the form of road sweeping and leaf collection courtesy of our powerful vacuum sweepers.

Jetting Facilities

Our powerful fleet of Mega-Sweep vehicles provides high pressure water jetting and top quality brushes to clear dust, debris and rubbish from car parks and forecourts. The intensive vacuum allows for leaf collection and other waste to be easily vacuumed on-site and the 18 tonne capacity means our trained operatives can operate at each car park without having to offload. This makes our Mega-Sweep fleet incredibly cost and time effective.

The wide sweep and side brushes can be adjusted for positioning, speed and pressure allowing for adaptation to different tasks. This allows us to efficiently clean car parks with high kerbs and awkward spaces.

Traffic Management Services

As with any emergency response issue or scheduled project, there will often be the requirement for traffic management services to facilitate the smooth operation of site works and public access. HCL is fully equipped to manage this aspect for third party contractors or as part of our own operations.

For both scheduled and emergency projects we offer full traffic management in relation to car park maintenance, including issuing parking suspensions or dispensations to allow businesses or organisations, who need regular access to their vehicle to park in areas where our cleaning services are in place. We also facilitate the negotiation of any necessary licenses, too.