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construction sites

construction sites

HCL’s road sweepers service drainage connections and subsurface water on all major construction sites and works. During our years of service on thousands of sites we understand the importance of quick, reliable and experienced services. That’s why our vehicles are available for private and contract hire, fully maintained and ready to go.

Our construction site sweeping services include minor and major repairs and management of projects including pathways, entry points, surrounding roads and site servicing. Our specialist team also provides mains drainage and large-scale dewatering from open excavation or trenches.

Whether you require a sweeper stationed on a construction site for regular cleaning, or need emergency service for your foul water drainage pipes, HCL can accommodate your road sweeper needs.

Vehicle Specs

HCL’s Mega-Sweep vehicle has a powerful 1,500 litre stainless steel water tank that is capable of collecting high volumes of sweeper waste. Not only does this allow us to get the job done efficiently, it also allows us to operate on-site for longer periods of time without having to dispose of waste, saving you time and money in the long run.

Mega-Sweep uses a high pressure water system that works at 60 litres per minute with an overhead gully sucker that allows for removing stubborn ground waste. Our comprehensive road sweeper's side and wide sweep brushes are adjustable for speed, pressure and positioning which allows us to adapt our sweepers to both small and large construction sites and works.


HCL takes community service very seriously and our Mega-Sweep road sweepers are fully equipped with reversing cameras, sound alarm and sensors to ensure driver awareness at all times when we're on your site. Our services always meet customer and regulatory requirements with ISO 9001, an international standard that specifies quality management.