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highways and roads

highways and roads

HCL’s road sweepers are employed on some of Britain’s busiest motorways such as the Essex highways and Kent highways to ensure roads are well maintained and clear in order to maintain good traffic flow. Our vehicles meet the Euro 6 Emission Standards regulations and are fully equipped to service highways with regular maintenance as well as provide specialist vehicles for emergency incidents that require urgent call-outs.

HCL works with Highways England and Kier highways to help maintain and improve England’s motorways and major A roads.

Vehicle Specs

Working with the highways agency, HCL helps operate, maintain and improve England’s motorways. We employ our high-powered Mega-Sweep, a larger hopper than standard that is MOT’d twice a year and regularly serviced to ensure it arrives on site in excellent condition ready to work safely at all times.

The condition of major highways and roads can change in an instant due to busy traffic flow, as well as unexpected road incidents. Our Mega-Sweep vehicle has a 1,500 litre stainless steel water tank and a 6.4 cubic metre steel hopper that allows our team to collect high volumes of waste – an invaluable service when dealing with high volumes of traffic.

At 18 tonne fully loaded, HCL’s high volume hopper can operate on the road for much longer periods of time without having to dispose of waste, saving valuable time and money. Legally waste cannot be tipped on the ground without a waste permit so we take responsibility and dispose of the waste on-site at our facility.

Safety Requirements

We’re proud of our safety record. Mega-Sweep is equipped with 360° camera set up and numerous other safety features to ensure our engineers, clients and members of the public are safe at all times.