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stadium sweepers

stadium sweepers

Pre and post-event stadium cleaning can prove to be an enormous task due to the sheer size of stadiums, layout, access problems as well as drainage. Maintaining the good hygiene and cleanliness of a stadium will uphold your business reputation and help towards a positive customer experience, potentially bringing in new and repeat custom.

In order to achieve this level of cleanliness not only will you need a professional cleaning crew, but they will need to be equipped with the right equipment and vehicles.

HCL has vast experience in stadium sweeping and our experienced staff are incredibly skilled in using only the best cleaning services and road sweepers suitable for large footfall stadium events. We provide specialist environmental solutions for each venue and offer a superior service to meet your individual requirements and surpass your expectations.

Vehicle Specs

We’re proud to assist at some of the country's biggest events including Twickenham, the Olympics and at many other prestigious stadiums during the busiest periods of the year. More powerful than the average Scarab sweeper, our Mega-Sweep vehicles are equipped with wide side sweep brushes that are adjustable for speed, pressure and positioning which allows us to adapt our vacuum sweepers to your specific needs.

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our Mega-Sweep fleet is unrivalled when it comes to powerful, safe and environmental cleaning power and has on board high pressure water jetting capability to maintain concrete, composite pavement, asphalt and track racing surfaces as well as an overhead gully sucker to remove ground waste like dust, debris and rubbish for a comprehensive clean up.