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warehouse sweepers

warehouse sweepers

Warehouses can store a multitude of different products and come in various sizes so it can be difficult to know exactly the right type of warehouse sweepers you require to keep your floor clean of dust, debris and rubbish.

The best machine for the task will depend on the size, dust levels, aisle width and final results you are trying to achieve. HCL’s cleaning services are second to none when it comes to providing a powerful, safe and environmental service. Unlike hand sweepers that tend to move dust around, HCL’s mechanical sweepers are far more efficient at containing dust, debris and other accumulated waste.

Regardless of the warehouse, we have the advanced capability and know-how in providing solutions to them all. Call us today to see how we can help.

Vehicle Specs

Warehouse sites can produce a build-up of dirt and dust due to vehicles moving materials on and off site. At Hydro Cleansing, we provide excellent warehouse maintenance and our unrivalled fleet of trucks, Mega-Sweep, are capable of cleaning warehouse/factory roads clear as well as entry points and floors.

Equipped with high powered vacuum sweepers and 6.4 cubic metre steel hopper, Mega-Sweep has the capacity to uplift anything from liquid waste and sand to bricks and rubble, meaning that whatever you need cleaning, removed or disposed of, we have the expertise and capability of collecting high volumes and waste, saving our clients both time and money.

Safety Features

HCL takes safety very seriously and our Mega-Sweep road sweepers are fully equipped with reversing 360° camera view for safety around people and cycles, sound alarms and sensors to ensure driver awareness at all times on-site at public and private warehouses.

We provide an eco-friendly service by using our own discharge facilities to safely recycle as much collected waste as legally possible. Our fully qualified drivers undertake urban driving training to skillfully man our fleet to an unrivalled level of professionalism.