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sewer cleaning

sewer cleaning

Hydro Cleansing provides expertise in environmental and waste management services, delivering solutions for industrial, commercial businesses and domestic customers throughout the UK.

Our sewer cleaning service ensures that your sewer issues are handled in an efficient, effective and timely manner.

We provide the highest levels of professionalism and care whilst delivering sewer cleaning solutions for councils, businesses, and homeowners.

We maintain a 24/7 operational business, giving our customers access to our services at all times.

High Pressure Water Jetting

We have a broad fleet of specialist jetting and vacuum combination units, all capable of tackling all types of sewer cleaning tasks.

HCL Jetting tankers have moveable partitions which allow them to carry clean water for jetting and collect waste from site to avoid further build up, at the same time.

HCL works alongside members of the Water Jetting Association and clients alike to provide services and equipment across a variety of works.

Given our commitment to reducing our carbon emissions, Our Vehicles give greater control regarding:

  • How much clean water we use.
  • The amount of wastewater recycled.
  • waste is carried from site.

This means HCL are better suited to work around your budget, offering a more cost-effective solution to our customers, all while reducing waste and emissions.

Fatberg Blockage Removal

Blockages and build-ups of rag, fat and silt can create unpleasant odours that need to be professionally removed.

At HCL , we remove all blockages including silt and root incursion whether it’s a fatberg, root damage or just older lines causing smelly or slow moving drains HCL are always able to help in the situation.

It is well known that Fat, oils and grease (known as FOG) can cause repeat problems, sometimes mixing to cause blockages and ‘fatbergs’ that can lead to flooding. Read our recent blog post here for some of the biggest fatbergs found.

Why choose HCL

HCL has the expertise and knowledge to tackle any cleaning challenge. From the initial site inspection to the successful completion of a major clean.

Thames Water and other Water Authorities have all seen the same trends, blockages account for 80% of sewer flooding incidents and UK water and sewerage companies deal with over 350,000 sewer blockages every year.

Hydro Cleansing Limited have 20+ years’ experience in active maintenance services to sewerage, water and other underground infrastructure.

We offer a wide-ranging portfolio of professional drain cleaning and sewer cleaning services for commercial, industrial and residential customers, and as always these including full 24/7 emergency call-outs.