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sewer rehabilitation

sewer rehabilitation

Hydro Cleansing; the UK's experts for environmental and waste management services, providing solutions for both commercial businesses and domestic customers throughout the UK.

Our sewer rehabilitation service looks to ensure that any repairing, replacing or upgrading of existing sewer pipelines are carried out through methods such as pipe relining, curing and sealing, thus reducing the need for excavation.

We provide the highest levels of professionalism and care whilst delivering sewer rehabilitation solutions for councils, commercial properties, and homeowners.

We maintain a 24/7 operational business, enabling customers to have access to all our services at all times.

Who is Responsible

Sewers and horizontal drains connected to the public network were once the responsibility of the property owner. Nonetheless, over the years most are now maintained by local water corporations.

If you have any difficulties with your drain or adjacent drain, for example if it's blocked, contact your local water company as a first step.

When it comes to blocked drains, many house owners are uncertain whether it is their responsibility or that of the local authority to fix them, and we have seen this can cause frustration and a reluctance to action blocked drains and other issues, usually too late.

Here at Hydro Cleansing, we can help to find out who is responsible for your drains, giving expert advice so you know where the obligation lies if your pipes suffer from blocked drains.

As the majority of drainage is part of a system underground, it can be difficult to find out what’s really going on, that’s why hiring the expertise of a professional will ensure the problem is dealt with quickly and correctly.

High Power Suction Clean Up

The HCL Fleet include a range of tankers suitable for all Sewer rehabilitation requirements, our vehicles are capable of a max 12,000 CFM of suction power and can operate from a distance of 1000m away from site our clients also get the luxury of vehicles with a sliding partition to allow the capacity of the 4450L clean water or 18,000L wastewater sections of the tank to be adjusted, this allows our engineers to travel with clean water to your site for washing out the sewers as well as space for waste to be removed then finally testing for leaks and flow, offering a 3 in 1 service less down time for us, more savings for our clients.

The 180 ˚ pivoting high pressure jetting lance provides optimum ergonomics and ease of use and safety when using the 3500psi Jetting facilities. The control panel pivots with the reel always ensuring the best operating height and angle. If you prefer the standard model HCL Tankers, you will benefit from a tank capacity of 13,500L wastewater sections of the tank.

Our Sewer Rehabilitation Fleet allows for full access to Confined Space trained Engineers, the latest in CCTV Drainage Surveying Equipment and out clients are able to gain access to two of only two of the biggest vehicles in the UK built for this work.

Trenchless Repair

Trenchless Sewer and Drainage repairs are often used in areas where excavation of the damaged pipe is not an option due to excessive depth or closeness to structures or other buildings.

Trenchless options are known as Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Internal Point Repair, Chemical Grouting, Internal Seals, and Robotic Repairs. When installing Any Trenchless solutions HCL understands there are certain factors to consider including the location of gravity sewer line, type of damage, and depth.

These are only a few of the items that must be considered to determine the best point repair option.

Why Choose HCL?

HCL has over 15 years Working with dig-less sewer and drainage repairs, renovating mainline sewer systems county-wide, occasionally across entire counties and sites of national importance.

Currently we are working towards breaking the record for installing the longest single length of liner in a sewer across several our current sites.

As innovators in lining equipment, we are happy to use a variety of the sewer renovation techniques including the newest and most innovative: liners cured by UV light are a number of methods we are testing with and installing for a number of corporate clients.

Assisting large-scale projects on community infrastructures whilst preserving services as far as possible for customers and the populace is a little of we do on a daily basis. And not to brag but we are one of the best.