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liquid waste

liquid waste

Liquid waste comes under many sub-categories including fats, oils or grease, sludges, hazardous household liquids, and wastewater. At Hydro Cleansing we have over 20 years of experience dealing with both domestic and commercial waste and have experience removing large and small quantities of hazardous waste including used oil and hazardous household liquids.

Leachate Services

Our fleet of jet vac tankers is the most powerful in the UK and can remove large volumes of hazardous household liquids such as leachate from underneath landfill sites in an environmental risk free way. We work closely with our suppliers to arrange the appropriate testing, assess environmental risk, determine the EWC code and then arrange the collection and safe disposal of any leachate.

Drilling slurry services

There are a number of different types of drilling muds, drilling slurries and bentonite solutions used to decrease friction during drilling. We provide massive onsite jet vac tankers, regular removals and legal recycling and disposal of liquid waste disposal for most common drilling slurries.