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leachate collection

leachate collection

At Hydro Cleansing we offer professional landfill leachate disposal, including landfill leachate pumping and treatment works for industrial waste, drains/culverts and boreholes/wells. We pump from deeper and faster than any other competitor, thanks to our fleet of powerful vacuum tankers.

What is Leachate?

Leachate is a type of liquid that forms when waste breaks down in landfill and water subsequently filters through that waste. Leachate is incredibly toxic and can pollute land, groundwater and water ways.

Controlling the pollution caused by leachate is an international issue and remains challenging in terms of removing pollutants and source reduction. It is vital that leachate is treated properly before it is released into the water using a specialised leachate treatment process that traps and recycles landfill leachates.

Our Leachate Services

Unless leachate is professionally removed using landfill leachate disposal, it continues to harm and pollute the environment. At Hydro Cleansing we can assist by monitoring landfill leachate, groundwater and surface water. We also offer leachate transportation as well as pumping and treatment works.

Leachate Pools

Recent waste remediation of landfills has installed catchments and pools in order to stop the leachate polluting the environment. HCL is a market leader in ensuring these pools never become too full and are attended during periods of excessive rainfall and are also scheduled for regular maintenance.

Leachate Water

Lying water is a great indicator that a landfill site has become saturated. This is a critical situation and pollution is likely already occurring. Hydro Cleansing provides emergency landfill leachate disposal, using advanced tanks and pumps during long-term dewatering solutions to ensure the site remains compliant and the environment protected.