permits and codes

permits and codes

Waste removal, waste transportation and waste reprocessing are each highly regulated sectors of the industry and require individual permits, codes and regulations.

Each waste type is given it’s individual EWC code to allow for standard classification, including waste operation, installation or mining waste operation. We advise our clients to carefully check the availability of the licences, insurances, permits or other requirements of each EWC coded waste they need removed and reprocessed.

Sustainability Permits

Sustainability permits are needed for a wide range of different activities including emissions from nuclear power stations and sewage treatment plants, to scrap metal yards, and other areas that might pollute the air, water or land.

On constructions sites, HCL have several methods of dewatering from excavations:

  • Wellpoint Method of Dewatering Excavations.
  • Eductor Wells method
  • Open sump pumping method
  • Deep well method


EWC Codes

There are over 650 EWC codes in total, providing the backbone of environmental protection. They are used to ensure that all treatment plants are licenced for the processing of correct waste streams.


From January 2014, new regulations mean that companies transporting waste as part of their business (whether it’s their waste or someone else’s) have to register for a Waste Carriers Licence. This includes contractors like HCL but also any company that conducts water discharge activities. We highly recommend giving us a call to see what we can do for you today to avoid costly fines.