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treatment plant

treatment plant

Hydro Cleansing provides a state of the art solution for wet waste treatment and recycling solids after liquid removal. The site is based in Croydon so is well situated to provide liquid waste treatment to clients within the M25. As well as disposing of the waste we collect ourselves, the site is open to clients across the industry.

Our treatment plant takes the wet waste to a cake-like texture of dry solids. The clean water we produce after the process is then re-used to wash our vehicles, fill our jetting units and spray bars on our sweepers. This environmentally-friendly process means we only send 1% of total tonnage brought into our yard to landfill.

What Type of Wet Waste Is Processed?

Our expertise and experience covers the processing of a wide range of materials including:

  • Drilling slurry
  • Gully waste
  • Road sweepings
  • Inlet grit
  • Storm tank cleaning
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Culvert Cleaning

How Can we Help?

Accessibility to treatment plant

Our site is open to all for licensed wet waste recycling. Vehicles are escorted to our operated weighbridge for the gross weight prior to tipping at our treatment plant. Once tipped they return to the weighbridge in order to establish the net weight and fill out any relevant paperwork. The site is large enough to accomodate all types of road sweepers and even fully laden articulated bulk tankers.

Weightbridge System

Our weighbridge system is regularly calibrated to ensure it is both accurate and compliant. We use the Gross and Net system across the haulage and environmental services sector and HGV drivers to ensure accurate weights are obtained with minimum disruption.

Vehicle Wash Bays

Whilst attending our treatment plant, operators can take advantage of the ability to wash down even the largest vehicles, using the clean water produced by our recycling plant. As with all other aspects of environmental service, this wash down is controlled by legislation and must be performed in an area where fuel oil interceptors are both installed and operational. We use our high pressure water jetting technology and degreasing to prevent cross contamination. This whole process of recycling and reuse, creates a closed reuse/recycle loop.