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pump station fault

pump station fault

Pump Stations are used to move hazardous liquids like sewage and waste water from lower to higher areas in a drainage system

They are used in both residential and industrial settings and require regular maintenance and repair to work efficiently.

We install, service, and clean all kinds of pumping stations, from large water utilities to residential plants. HCL has over 20 years’ experience in the maintenance and repair of pump stations. Discover how we can help you today.


Pumping stations, otherwise known as pumphouses in regards to drilled wells and drinking water, are facilities including pumps and equipment for pumping fluids like sewage or wastewater from one place to another


HCL’s comprehensive pump station cleaning involves four thorough stages.

  • Emptying: Sewage pumping stations are prone to build-up a number of layers of hazardous FOG (fats, oils and grease). These must first be emptied to keep the station in good working order.
  • Pump inspection: Our trained engineers have experience ensuring pump stations are regularly repaired and upgraded to ensure they stay in good working order.
  • Pump maintenance and tank cleaning: We provide regular maintenance to make sure your pumping systems are always working. Regular servicing and maintenance helps to prevent emergency situations, like floods.
  • Filling: We fill and flush connection points to make sure liquid can effectively pass through without blockages.

Hydro Cleansing regularly works in partnership with; Housing Associations and Trusts. We also carry out various work within locations such as tunnels, sewage treatment works, hospitals, schools and commercial premises.


Regardless of size or complexity, we can work with you to make the servicing and replacement of your pump station as smooth as possible.

If water authority adoption is required on a pump station, we can handle the necessary work required to ensure an easy handover process.

We Service Pumping Stations for

  • Hotels
  • Consulting Engineers
  • Ground Workers
  • M.O.D
  • Public Health Engineers
  • Environmental Agency
  • Individual Private Applications
  • County and Local Authorities
  • Facilities Maintenance Contractors
  • Civil Engineering Contractors
  • Commercial & Residential Property Developers