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surface water cleanup

surface water cleanup

Hydro Cleansing are the UK's experts for environmental and waste management services, providing solutions for both commercial businesses and domestic customers throughout the UK.

We provide the highest levels of professionalism and care whilst delivering the best cleaning & vacuum removal solutions for councils, contractors, and homeowners.

We maintain a 24/7 operational business, enabling customers to have access to all our services at all times.


Many Industrial areas tend to have a car park linked to an interceptor, water left standing on the surface tends to pick up contaminants like oil, brake dust and other debris on its way to the stormwater sewers. If surface water drains aren’t well maintained, this water creates larger pools and flooding in the streets. Pump and treat is a common method for cleaning up groundwater contaminated with dissolved chemicals, including industrial solvents and metals.


Surface water flooding can be incredibly hazardous, especially on local residential streets and roads leading into highway surface drain, rivers or surface water sewers, often as a result of water passing over flooded gullies collecting leaves, litter and other debris that may contaminate the stormwater and sewerage.

Surface water can also cause aquaplaning – when water collects in front of your tyres faster than the weight of your car can displace it. This forces water below the tyre, settling between it and the road, in many cases resulting in a drivers loss of control.


  • Surface removal -Hydro Cleansing’s surface water removal services are available to respond to floods and emergencies 24/7, whether caused by sewer and drainage systems failure or a period of heavy rain.
  • Drain interceptors - We use drain interceptors to trap contaminants and prevent them from entering the storm sewers. Our use of drain interceptors is crucial for businesses, which can face clean-up costs if found responsible for causing pollution to watercourses. This way we reduce environmental harm and support local businesses in reducing maintenance cost and penalty fees.
  • Regular Maintenance - We ensure our water interceptors are put through rigorous regular cleaning and maintenance protocols in line with government and manufacturer recommendations. As well as maintenance programmes, we remove all contaminants and clear blockages to efficiently clean and repair current systems that may be overloaded with debris and/or oils.