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bad smells

bad smells

Smelly drains are usually caused by the build-up and blockage of the drainage system. Build-up can be caused by the everyday products used in the home such as food, as well as hair and dirt. Once these items are stuck in the drainage system, they gradually build-up and begin to form bacteria, which presents itself as an unpleasant odour/a ‘bad smell’.

A smelly drain is an indication that maintenance is required, to remove the beginning of a blockage, and the unpleasant smell coming from the drains. Based locally, in London, HCL offers a planned or emergency rapid response service 24/7, which is tailored to our customers’ requirement, ensuring that our customers are never more than a call away from a solution.

HCL’s trained, expert engineers are equipped with the latest technology and tools to assess what is needed and provide an efficient and effective solution.

What Causes Smelly Drains?

Often flushing incorrect materials into a drainage system will cause a build-up of objects in the drainage system. The most common causes of build-ups are food, grease, soap particles, and hair which all clump together and line the pipes. This may, not yet form a clog or blockage, but nonetheless attract bacteria, which releases unpleasant odours, commonly referred to as smelly drains.

The unpleasant odours are usually the first sign that you have a partial blockage, and a complete blockage of the drainage system is imminent. A smelly drain should be addressed immediately.

HCL’s trained expert engineers have the latest technology to provide an efficient and effective solution.

Internal Smelly Drains

Investigating internal drains often require removing taps and surveying what is accessible. If the drains are severely blocked with material, this will need to be removed with specialist equipment, which will keep the drainage system intact. In some rare cases new pipework may be required.

HCL’s engineers are experts and will address all issues with care and efficiency, ensuring that the correct solution is provided for every situation.

Externally Smelly Drains

The most common cause for an external smelly drain, is a blockage caused by organic matter stuck in the drain. This could be a blockage in your pipes, or something much further down the sewer, which affects all drains connected to it – a fatberg or drain collapse , for instance.

It is recommended to have external drains inspected and jetted once per year to ensure a free-flowing system.

HCL’s team of expert engineers provide a tailored service to our customers and are available 24/7 to clear and maintain our customers’ drains, whenever the need arises.