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cesspits and septic

cesspits and septic

Hydro Cleansing are London’s premier liquid waste removal experts with the right jet vac tankers for your job. Trusted in times of emergency, we provide a full CCTV drain survey and 24/7 response for both domestic and commercial needs.

We offer contracts and schedules for emptying cesspits and septic tanks tailored to meet your individual needs. As a guide, we recommend that you empty your cesspit at least every six to twelve months, however, this depends on the size and the number of occupants living at your property.

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The Difference Between a Septic Tank and a Cesspit

A cesspit is a sealed underground tank that collects wastewater and sewage. There is no processing or treatment involved.

In contrast, a septic tank uses a simple treatment process which allows the treated wastewater to drain away to a soakaway.

Septic tank maintenance

Maintaining a septic tank requires a trained engineer who understands the anaerobic processes treatment. Our specialist team are trained to remove domestic wastewater from your toilets, sinks, showers and baths and have an in-depth knowledge of fecal sludge management and domestic wastewater. Our team always works to the current environmental permit and EWC code.

Cesspit maintenance

HCL’s specialist team is employed to clean every cesspit by using a vacuum truck that pumps and drains it. Our state of the art trucks contain a tank chamber for basic separation and a powerful suctioning hose to remove domestic wastewater.

Pumped cesspits should be completely drained of both liquids, solids and sludge – partially dissolved matter that gets lodged in the underground chamber until removed..