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Combination Tankers

Combination tankers work within specialist projects such as the cleaning out and repairing of mainline sewers. Whether it is disused tank residue, accidental concrete blockage or a blocked drain, HCL will successfully resolve any scenario.

As with all Hydro Cleansing vehicles combination units are fitted with a cycle alert system and highly advanced 360° CCTV systems with continuous recording to ensure safety is always maintained on-site and operational activities are transparent.


14,000 ltr


50m hose


1000 cfm

Combination Tankers

Although combination units are not primarily tankers, they still have the capacity to hold up to 13,500 litres of liquid waste. They employ a multi-functioning system where they use both high pressure water and a high powered vacuum unit simultaneously. Through this method, they are effectively able to deal with blockages without it escalating into a flood, by both adding pressure and suction to the blockage. They are additionally capable of carrying out large scale cleaning projects whilst simultaneously vacuuming excess water and waste.