Combination Tankers HPWJ and Vacuum

Hydro Cleansing Limited's combination tankers specialise in removing silt, liquid waste and debris from deep soakaways, culverts, wet wells, gullies, digesters, Klargesters, pump stations, lift shafts, interceptors, septic tank and cesspit emptying and clearing away drilling waste.

Why choose us?

All of our vehicles are operated by experienced, qualified and friendly engineers.  They have the appropriate understanding and knowledge to effectively operate all of our machinery, ensuring that we can offer you the most comprehensive, efficient service possible.


  • 13,500 litre waste tank
  • Waste vacuum pump of 1,400 cfm (cubic feet per minute)
  • 100 plus metres of half inch jetting hose
  • 2,225 - 4,450 litre clean water tank for jetting
  • Moveable partition wall within tank to reduce or maximise capacity
  • 6 inch boom with 6 metre reach
  • Reverse cycle facility
  • Jetting facility equalling 383 litres per minute
  • Jetting pressure of 240 bar or 3,500 psi
  • Hydraulic jetting reel

Although combination units are not primarily tankers, they still have the capacity to hold up to 13,500 litres of liquid waste.  They employ a multi-functioning system where they use both high pressure water and a high powered vacuum unit simultaneously.  Through this method, they are effectively able to deal with blockages without it escalating into a flood, by both adding pressure and suction to the blockage.  They are additionally capable of carrying out large scale cleaning projects whilst simultaneously vacuuming excess water and waste.