Jet Vac Tankers for Hire

Hydro Cleansing Limited's Jet Vac units have the primary function of a bulk tanker collecting, transporting and disposing liquid waste from sites.  However, they also include a high pressure jetting unit which means that at every site, they have multi-purpose capabilities.

Why choose us?

Our Jet Vac units are specialised in removing silt, liquid waste and debris from deep soakaways, culverts, wet wells, digesters,cesspits,septic tanks, and Klargesters.  Other services include;delivering water for soakaway testing and transferring liquids from one part of a site to another.

All of our tankers are operated by experienced, qualified and friendly engineers.  They have the appropriate understanding and knowledge to effectively operate all of our jet vac tankers, ensuring that we can offer you the most comprehensive, efficient service possible.


  • 18,000 litre tank designed for sewage
  • Clean water delivery and low hazardous substances
  • Waste vacuum pump of 650 cfm (cubic feet per minute)
  • 100 plus metres of 1 inch jetting hose
  • 2,225 - 4,450 gallon clean water tank for jetting
  • Jetting facility of 198 litres per minute
  • 1000 cfm / 1.600m³
  • Vacuum up to 85%
  • Max pressure 240 bar or 3,500 psi
  • Water bypass valve

Hydro Cleansing's multi functioning tankers have the capacity to hold up to 4,000 gallons (18,000 litres) of liquid waste and effectively clean surfaces and unblock drains.  With their high pressure water jets, they offer a quality service leaving minimal impact and disruption.