Mega Heat High Pressure Water Jetting and Steam Cleaning

Hydro Cleansing Limited's hot wash offers the most effective and quickest way of surface remediation, the cleaning of vehicles, pump stations, sewage / drainage systems, cesspits, septic tanks and culverts.

Why choose us?

Fabricating a high pressure water jetting technology with a highly effective heating system, results in a highly efficient steam cleaning service delivering solutions, across London and the South East of England to both domestic and commercial customers.

With high pressure jets incorporating an integrated heating system, Hydro Cleansing deliver the most proficient clean possible.  An environmentally friendly cleaning process, Mega-Heat uses no chemical products which could be harmful or have a detrimental effect to the surrounding environment.

Hydro Cleansing’s latest addition to the fleet is capable of handling any situation, cleaning and removing all contaminants, including but not limited to:

  • Oil, fat and grease
  • Stone and buildings
  • Graffiti
  • Chewing Gum
  • Fat trap and restaurant drains
  • Waste areas
  • Walkways

With a temperature range of 0 - 105°C and the ability to adjust the pressure used means that whatever the challenge, Mega-Heat can successfully complete the job without causing any damage to the object or structure.