Megatron Our Transformational Vacuum and HPWJ Tanker

With the use of Megatron, we can provide a service on an industrial scale, dramatically maximising our efficiency and productivity.  With a tank capacity larger than any competitor with 22,500 litres, we can remove vast amounts of waste at extensive depths and distances.

Why choose us?

It has the capability of cutting through dense materials, such as concrete, an extremely effective and environmentally friendly method of demolition and excavation regularly employed on construction sites.  Its ability to recycle the water vacuumed into its system, to be reused for the jets, means that it never runs out of water and can continuously remain onsite.  It can collect, cleanse and distil mainline sewers, sludge tanks, fat traps and tunnels in the most densely built up areas.

Performance features

  • Vacuum pump operating at over 6,000 cubic feet per minute
  • Vertical recovery of liquid, sludge and silt at depths of over 100 metres
  • Horizontal recovery of liquid, sludge and silt at distances of over 500 metres
  • High and ultra-high pressure water jetting
  • Performance capability ranging between 4,000 psi and 45,000 psi with associated volume range
  • Operable at distances of up to 750 metres
  • Capable of cutting concrete, mainline sewer cleaning and surface remediation
  • Onboard recycling system allowing sludge or silt to be effectively de-watered in situation reducing disposal costs
  • 9 metre boom permitting full span bridging of pedestrian areas reducing traffic management
  • Built in 1,000 watt + hydraulic lighting booms for reduced visibility operations
  • Mobile generator for the provision of mobile power to various support equipment


In 2008, amid an economic recession, Hydro Cleansing Limited invested over half a million pounds in Megatron, the largest and most capable mobile plant in Europe. We recognised the need to invest in new and revolutionary technology with the power to effectively control and dominate any large scale project or emergency disaster. We wanted to completely re-write the rules within the environmental services industry.

We decided that there were three growing trends; demand for increased capability of a single onsite vehicle, the increase in emergency callouts and demand to dramatically reduce the turnaround time on the completion of projects, thus reducing associated costs and time.

During the recession, we noticed that in order to budget and cut costs, people were putting all maintenance and servicing work on hold. With this said, it meant that we were receiving regular call outs to deal with emergency situations. With this trend emerging, we decided to design a vehicle that had the advanced capability and strength to control any sized problem or emergency of any nature whether it has arisen from a failure of infrastructure or periods of bad weather.