Terminator Fatbergs and Slurry Beware!

TERMINATOR – Is the largest vacuum tanker rig ever built in the UK! Designed to be fully functional in a modern day metropolis, this machine has the capabilities of removing vast volumes of sewer grit (previously thought impossible!)

Why choose us?

Terminator can remove objects that ordinarily took physical manpower, thus eliminating any human risk in executing such tasks. Terminator can remove objects such as house bricks and large volumes of unwanted tarmac that find their way into the deepest darkest depths of pumps stations in the surrounding areas of large conservations and critical plantations.

The Megatron and Terminator units operate throughout the UK and parts of Europe, built by Hydro-Cleansing these immensely versatile and powerful machines can alleviate objects/waste from pits, holes and shafts up to 100m vertically as well as, 350m horizontally with a 10m of elevation, which can move pieces of solid granite 85mm x 85mm with ease! The machines are both aligned with Hydro Cleansing's purpose-built fleet of bulk units can collect up to 120m³ of solid waste liquids up to 500m³ in a working shift.

These vehicles unique functionalities enable them to offload at the same time as loading, there are no other units like this allowing work to continue more fluidly and time effectively. Terminator and Megatron have been purpose built with the simple principals of safety and efficiency, taking in to account the operator, end user and most importantly the environment.

When built it was taken in to account other road users, therefore top of the range Camera and the cycle alert systems have been installed to this machine. Some of which are the most advanced 360° systems to be built with full HD clarity and continuous recording. This gives these vehicles the edge over any other large utility vehicle in and around London. This being a mandatory requirement for all Hydro Cleansing vehicles and is operated and observed by an additional operator present in the vehicle ensuring the highest level of safety for pedestrians and cyclists.