High Street & Retail

Why choose us?

We are committed to providing a strategic support service to all high street & retail.  Whether you are a small independent shop, large and busy shopping centre, restaurant or food outlet.

We understand that in any business, the main priority is to ensure the retention of motivated staff, that footfall remains high and customers spend money.  For this to be effective, companies need to provide a clean and sanitary environment with fully functional amenities and facilities.  This is why we ensure our services are prompt, accurate and to an extremely high standard without being disruptive to the functioning of the business.

Managed Services

Our primary approach is proactive planned maintenance, which combines a comprehensive package of services.  Effective maintenance ensures the operational daily running of any business.  It provides a safe and efficient working environment for both staff and customers ensuring employee retention and that customer footfall is kept high.  We strongly believe that in any retail environment, consistent maintenance is an essential ingredient in the performance of any business – whatever its size or range.

Reactive Services

Depot to depot in just 2 hours we can assure that trading goes uninterrupted, insuring the high street, retail parks and department stores evade any imminent problems.  Possessing the expertise and knowledge required we're experts in dealing with carpark interceptors and unblocking and cleaning pump stations, rectifying any problems you are facing.  With the intention of safeguarding your sewage and drainage systems, however you require our support we provide our assistance from your initial contact right through to job completion.

With our emergency response facility, we are able to deliver a comprehensive package of services using unrivalled machinery and technology that has the capability to deal with any sized problem.  On completion of the emergency response, our experienced engineers will take the time to offer you professional solutions and strategies in how to avoid the recurrence of such problems in the future.

Key Facts

"We aim to support services, whether you are a small independent shop, large and busy shopping centre, restaurant or food outlet."