Public Attractions

Why choose us?

Entertainment complexes, theme parks, stadiums, arenas, parks and zoos all draw large crowds.  Increasing demands from the growing population means greater and more numbers visiting and using the facilities you provide, putting a strain on your sewage and drainage infrastructure.

Problems can easily be eradicated with the help of the services we provide.  They play a significant role in the success of our clients, ensuring we can be of as much help as possible assisting you while we continuously improve our services through efficiencies and innovation, ensuring that your customers are always satisfied with the management of your facilities.

Managed Services

Regular servicing and maintenance is essential for the leisure industry to provide a reliable service and is crucial to ensuring their customers receive the best possible service.  From CCTV Drainage Surveys, with the use of Mega-Cam, to pump station and drain maintenance using our Combination Tankers, our experienced and devoted engineers understand your needs and requirements, providing you with full planning and support prior to construction and support during works, covering all sewage or drainage issues faced by the leisure industry.

Reactive Services

Depot to depot in just 2 hours we can assure that the facilities you provide to the public are not interrupted insuring that they evade any imminent problems.  Possessing the expertise and knowledge required we’re experts when it comes to all drainage related matters, rectifying any problems you are facing.  With the intention of safeguarding leisure industry infrastructure such as stadiums and racecourses, however you require our support we provide our assistance from initial contact right through to job completion.

With our emergency response teams in operation 24 hours a day, every day of the year, we can respond swiftly, tackling the problem with our specialist services from pump station and drain unblocking to flood response ensuring that all areas of the leisure industry remain protected.  Providing this type of support to theme parks, zoos as well as bars / clubs and cruise ships means that any incident or threat to leisure industry infrastructure is minimised and preventative measures can also be put in place to avoid any future problems you may experience.

Key Facts

"Our fleet of tankers & advanced machinery means that we have the appropriate power and capacity available to deal with any sized industrial project."