Why choose us?

Hydro Cleansing Limited identify where utility infrastructure is situated, assess the risks and the potential of disruption during works which is vital to our continued success and expansion.  In addition to providing services that support utility infrastructure, utility groundwork is another area we excel in where we offer hydro-demolition services.  This effective method of cutting through concrete is a more efficient and in fact a safer method of concrete cutting, having been adopted by many construction sites.  Any utility infrastructure will be left undamaged using this method.

Managed Services

Regular servicing and maintenance of utility infrastructures is essential to providing a reliable service and is crucial to growth, ensuring your customers receive the most comprehensive service possible.  From confined space entry works, using our very own confined space division, to tunnel cleaning, using our high pressure jetting technology, our experienced and devoted engineers understand your needs and requirements, providing you with full planning and support prior to construction and support during works ensuring that utility infrastructure is protected.

Reactive Services

Depot to depot in just 2 hours we can assure that the distribution of your utilities goes uninterrupted, insuring any utility infrastructure evades any imminent problems.  Possessing the expertise and knowledge required we’re experts in dealing with unblocking and cleaning pump stations and culverts, rectifying any problems you are facing.  With the intention of safeguarding any utility infrastructure, however you require our support we provide our assistance from your initial contact right through to job completion.

With our emergency response teams in operation 24 hours a day, every day of the year, we can respond swiftly, tackling the problem with our specialist services from confined space rescue to flood response ensuring that utility infrastructure remains protected.  Providing this type of support means that any incident or threat to utility infrastructure is minimised and preventative measures can also be put in place to avoid any future problems you may experience.

Key Facts

"Providing the most proficient and competent service possible, whether you be a power, water or telecommunications company. We possess a strong understanding of utility infrastructure, both above and below ground."