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drain inspection

drain inspection

The images HCL obtains during a CCTV drainage survey are recorded and given to customers with a full technical report. We will explain everything that the survey reveals and offer advice on the next steps.

The video inspection is incredibly detailed and you will be able to see any hairline cracks that let water out and show weak points as well as larger cracks or holes allowing silt or other debris to enter.

Any displaced joints or large holes can give pests a way to enter your home so it’s good to know if you have any of these and also how to fix them.

Conditional & Connectivity CCTV Surveys

Conditional and connectivity surveys assess the internal condition of our drains and sewage systems unearthing any pipe collapses, rot damage or blockages. Inspecting the structural condition means that any problems can be dealt with immediately and any future problems can be avoided.

Advanced Camera Technology

Our engineers operate a variety of different types of visual technology to accurately assess their surface water drains and highlight any repair required.