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brick wall cleaning

brick wall cleaning

Hydro Cleansing’s industry accredited experts provide a professional bespoke brick cleaning service, with outstanding results, designed to suit all your needs.

Brick Cleaning

Our trained team is provided with the latest technologies to always provide our customer with the best wall cleaning results. This brick wall cleaning service consists of the complete eradication of oil-based paints, graffiti, dirt and other substances.

We place health and safety at the forefront of everything we do, ensuring that our clients, our team and the environment are not harmed by our processes, while providing a bespoke service for each of our clients. Our team is Covid-19 secured and follows government guidelines.

Our clients are often very shocked to discover just how dirty their brick walls can become when left to the elements, especially in the city. Soot, dirt, moss and tree sap all build-up over time. Our high-temperature, high-pressure water jetting capabilities are used to clean and return brickwork to its former glory.

Wall Cleaning

HCL’s team works with all types of external walls. Our systems work equally well on painted bricks, concrete walls, masonry and pebble-dashed walls, which may or may not be painted. The engineer is provided with the latest technology with adjustable pressure gauge and will decide the pressure required for the job. The engineer on site will also test a small area before proceeding.

We undertake wall cleaning for commercial properties, industrial and residential properties, with remarkable results.

Brick Cleaning

Over time, exterior walls can become covered in moss, dirt and grime. HCL’s jetting vehicles are equipped to clean all manner of dirt and grime that may build up on external brick walls. If left very long, plants can become established within walls and damage the surface of the brickwork. Our team considers the integrity of the property and the work they do and may build scaffolds or use a cherry picker as needed, to maintain the safety of our operatives, our clients and the public while embarking on a brick cleaning job.

Other Brickwork Cleaning

Whilst a vertical wall may obviously require cleaning, it is wise to also consider other areas for cleaning such as brick walkways, driveways, external brick stairs, garden paths, patios, garage floors and other paved or bricked areas. Horizontal external brick, masonry or wooden surfaces may build-up surface layers over time, which could make them slippery, creating a health and safety hazard for slips and falls, which could result in an accident.

To prevent such incidents, Hydro Cleansing suggests that a sensible solution is to have these surfaces regularly cleaned by an expert jetting engineer. HCL provides bespoke brick cleaning services 24/7 to suit our clients’ needs.