CCTV Drain and Sewer Surveys

Hydro Cleansing Limited has invested significantly in state of the art CCTV Drain Survey technology to deliver a full range of Drainage solutions. Find out which our CCTV drain surveys is right for you.

Selected Drain Survey Images

Domestic Drainage Surveys

Our advanced camera technology is perfect for domestic application affording the least disruption with the best results possible.

Put your mind at rest

Whether it is a bad smell, water build up, flood or rodent activity the chances are a CCTV inspection is the first step in resolving the problem.

A complete CCTV Drain Survey Report

The images we obtain during CCTV drain surveys, are recorded and given to customers with a full technical report. We will explain everything that the survey reveals and offer advice on the next steps.

The video inspection is so detailed that you will be able to see any hairline cracks that let water out and show weak points as well as larger cracks or holes allowing silt or other debris to enter.

Any displaced joints or large holes can give rats and other pests a way to enter your home so it’s good to know if you have any of these and also how to fix them.

Act today

If you have unwelcome guests, leaks or smells then act today a CCTV survey is a good first step. Call 0800 724 8888 for more information or to arrange a visit from an expert

CCTV Drain Survey Footage

Commercial CCTV Drain Survey Services

For our commercial clients we offer a superior range of CCTV Drain Inspection services

Conditional & Connectivity CCTV Drain Surveys

Our Conditional and connectivity drainage camera survey assesses the internal condition of your drains and sewage systems unearthing any pipe collapses, rot damage or blockages.  Inspecting the structural condition means that any problems can be dealt with straight away and any future problems can be avoided.

CCTV Drainage Survey for Pre-adoption

Pre adoption surveys are carried out by water authorities, builders, architects, developers and local authorities when buying assets which involve drainage systems.  It provides confirmation and security that the pipelines are in good condition, that no unknown environmental risks are being accepted and there are no hidden problems within the drainage systems.

CCTV Sewer Inspection for Home Buyer/Seller

Pre-purchase house surveys are now required by most mortgage lenders, alongside giving peace of mind to the prospective property buyer.  This can be particularly relevant if the property is older, refurbishment has been undertaken, or if there have been construction activities in the surrounding area.


London CCTV Sewer Survey

Drain Inspection Equipment

Whether it is commercial or domestic we use the appropriate state of the art technology.

Push Rod CCTV Cameras for Small Drainage Investigation

For pipes smaller than 150mm (6 inches) we use an advanced push rod camera system, which consists of a camera attached onto a rod, which can be manually navigated to identify problems.  This provides the same level of reporting, but is able to access narrow, smaller pipes.

Crawler Camera Drainage Survey Unit

The crawler unit drain camera is another remote controlled CCTV camera system.  It has 4-wheel drive, colour CCTV inspection and suitable for pipes between 50mm and 300m in diameter.

Mega-Cam - The best Drainage Camera Survey Equipment

Mega-Cam is used for longer and larger pipe sections, is operated by remote control and has advanced pan and tilt technology.  This high performance CCTV Inspection Survey camera system is supplied with 500m of Kevlar-reinforced cable an auto self-leveling high definition (HD) colour camera and 4-wheel drive.  Suitable for pipe sizes from 150mm (6") up to 2000mm (30") in diameter.  This unit comes complete with built-in DVD, so all WinCan surveys are recorded and given to clients as a formal report regarding the condition and structure of drainage networks.

CCTV Drainage_Survey

MegaCam CCTV Survey Robot