Confined Space Services London

Possessing extensive experience in all aspects of confined space cleaning, entry and rescue work our engineers have the appropriate understanding and knowledge to deliver bespoke services to our clients.  From the initial risk identification process, through task implementation, we have the capability to provide services in all kinds of confined space work, whatever the size, location or nature.

We offer an extensive range of Confined Space services throughout London and the South East of England

  • Confined Space Cleaning
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Pump Station Servicing
  • Emergency Onsite Support

Why choose us?

We ensure that all confined space entry is supervised by at least one man.  All engineers are first aid trained and equipped with the necessary P.P.E equipment.  All other equipment including breathing apparatus, ropes, harnesses, winches, carabineers and fall/rescue equipment are always checked before use.

CCTV surveys are used to access the areas which are humanly inaccessible, making sure we are able to get a full, comprehensive understanding of conditions and project requirements.

Operational Procedures

  • Recognising the types of hazards associated with confined space work
  • Conduct risk assessments for every project
  • Recognise the need for correct isolation procedures
  • Recognise the need for an atmospheric evaluation - this will always be conduction in confined space work
  • Determine the correct safety equipment needed and P.P.E to be used
  • Recognise the need for fire prevention and suppression equipment
  • Demonstrate techniques required to aid with resuscitation
  • Completion of an entry permit for every confined space work
  • Demonstrate correct rescue procedures

Top Man Cover

The 'Top Man' is the overall supervisor and entry controller for confined space work.  Our top-man engineers have the knowledge and experience to identify and asses confined spaces.  Their role involves the following:

  • Understanding of health and safety legislation within working in confined spaces
  • The use of gas detection units and understanding the readings produced
  • Identifying, controlling and managing atmospheric, physical and biological hazards
  • Assuring the correct specialised equipment is used for each unique job
  • Select appropriate methods of risk control
  • Supervise all members of the confined space team