Corona Virus Deep Clean

Hydro Cleansing Limited has invested in a new eco-friendly systems that can clean and disinfect large public areas. Firstly there is a a deep clean. This is then followed by disinfection. Using either super-heated steam or eco-friendly and non persistent chemicals as recomended by the Center for Disease Control we are ready to do what it takes at any time night or day to assist large corporations, transport providers, venues and public authoprities in their fight against corona virus.

Super Heated Steam and Chemical Jetting as required.

Corona Virus

What we know, is that this virus can last for up to 96 hours on any surface at room temperature if not disinfected effectively. That means it waits for up to four days to find a new person to infect. We therefore agree that best possible practice is to kill this virus whenever and where ever you can.

Useful information on Corona Virus survival

Wash your hands regularly

It is a very good idea to wash your hands regularly with a suitable product. It is also a good idea to clean your offices, paying particular attention to the high touch areas like seat backs, light switches, shared conference rooms, kitchens and toilets. This why you have seen cleaning and disinfecting initiatives starting all over the world.

Deep Cleaning Corona Virus helps everyone

Corona Virus Deep Cleaning

A Deep Clean

Our deep clean of platforms, bus stops, buses, offices, vehicles and public areas includes super heated steam cleaning of the outside areas, such as wheels and bodywork, and also walls, floors, handles etc, followed by targetted disinfection of entire external and internal spaces with eco-friendly chemicals that do not persist in the environment

Protect your Staff and their families

Don't wait till someone you know gets the virus or your office is shut down. Order a deep clean today and join the fight against this deadly virus. Together we can slow it down and eventually beat it. Call 0800 724 8888 for more information or to arrange a visit from an expert

Deep Cleaning Large Public Areas

Sanitising Corona Virus in Large Public Areas

What are you waiting for?

Deep Cleaning from Hydro-Cleansing:

1. Uses CDC recomended processes and chemicals

2. Is Environmentally Friendly

3. Protects your employees and their families

Time to fight back.