Culvert Cleaning

We are specialists in cleaning, unblocking and servicing culverts. Our fleet of tankers have the power and technology capable of tackling the most complicated issues in complex drainage systems, using high pressure water jets and high powered vacuums.

Our Culvert Cleaning services

  • Inspections of culverts and tunnels
  • Inspection using CCTV or Man Entry methods or a combination of both methods
  • Off road inspection and cleaning units purpose built for this type of inspection
  • Dedicated team of experts & equipment to tackle this type of inspection and cleaning

Why choose us?

It is important to regularly inspect culverts, especially during seasons of heavy rainfall. Checking for signs of erosion, joint separation, bottom sag, pipe blockages, piping, fill settling, cavitation of fill, sediment build-up within the culvert, the effectiveness of the inlet and outlet are extremely important. Our professional engineers are experienced in all stages of servicing culverts and determining the appropriate culvert gradients required.


A culvert is a device used for channelling and directing water. They are used to allow water to pass underneath trails, roads, railways, embankments and can vary significantly in sizes. Culverts are important in protecting and preserving road beds, ditches, banks, pathways, embankments by collecting and channelling excess water. Strategically placed culverts help alleviate flooding, reduce erosion and helps distribute run off water to larger filtering areas. Culverts therefore have an important role to play and require regular maintenance to ensure they are not blocked and working efficiently.

Site Visit

With the experience and expertise we have behind us, we are consistently able to provide a service based upon reliability, completing the job in the shortest time possible therefore keeping costs and disruption to a minimum. We are happy to carry out a free no-obligation site visit to meet you and discuss your requirements.