Hydro Cleansing provide the leading groundwater control and dewatering solutions in the Industry. Our wet waste treatment and recycling facilities back up the most powerful vaccum tanker fleet in Europe. Together they provide a hassel free flood and groundwater management solution to solve even the worse innundations on constuction sites and reduce slurry to 1% of its initial volume.

dewatering in construction site dewatering construction sites

Once we have removed the groundwater, slurry or liquid waste water from your site we have proven capability to maximise material recovery and minimise waste volumes through environmentally responsible recycling.

What do we dewater?

Our expertise and experience covers the dewatering of any site. This includes:

Check our EWC codes here.

When you have a flood on your construction site you just want it gone as fast as possible and no-one is faster than Hydro Cleansing's Terminator and Megatron. But it is also good to know your waste will be dewatered correctly and managed in an environmentally sound manner.

Water management is a critical aspect of construction on London Clay. It can easily catch even the most experienced construction managers out during a sudden storm or unexpected run off event. If this happens don't delay call us immediately 24/7/365. The sooner you call the sooner the problem will be gone.

Hydro Cleansing provide weighbridge tickets, duty of care certificates and EA notes as rquested.

Our prices are competitive and being based in Croydon the travel time to tip is significantly reduced. Turnaround in the yard is fast and hence we can do multiple trips during a normal day removing far more waste than you might imagine and getting your site back in order as quickly as possible.

Please call on 0800 740 8888 or 020 8689 3339 for pricing take advantage of our live chat facility with an experienced account manager.