Drilling Waste Management

Hydro Cleansing Limited have a proven track record for successfully delivering integrated drilling waste management projects.

Fast and effective Drilling Slurry removal services

  • Our tankers are fitted with powerful vacuums which can remove all types of slurry, waste & debris
  • Large tanker capacity, of up to 18,000 litres
  • Jet Vac tankers have the additional facility of jetting units & a significant supply of clean water
  • Able to remove all types of drilling slurry & waste including bentonite & other debris or build-up of heavily condensed mud
  • We collect, transport, distribute and dispose large amounts of waste in one site visit
  • Our Mobile Plant, Megatron, has an extremely large tanker capacity of up to 22,500 litres
  • Can remove the most stubborn slurry and condensed mud
  • Use of our jets to clean-up the area once the slurry has been removed or provide water to test drainage systems

Why choose us?

We understand how drilling waste and slurry can be a real obstacle and hazard on construction sites and deep foundation projects.  To achieve maximum productivity, minimise downtime and ensure there are no disruptions onsite, it is important to effectively remove and dispose of these wastes as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Our Super Combination Tankers

Drilling waste, slurry, bentonite and other accumulated waste products can become problematical and even hazardous on site.  Our revolutionary, super combination units have extremely powerful vacuums, which have the ability to easily suck up heavily condensed mud whilst also being a tanker, being able to hold up to 18,000 litres of waste.

Excellent Customer Service

We believe that it is essential to establish and maintain a good rapport with our clients.  Through building this foundation, we are able to understand the individual needs of all our projects.  It is this attitude, alongside effective planning and unrivalled efficiency, which has helped to establish ourselves as a market leader in waste management.